ADP WINTER, 2014 | Vol. 23 No. 3                 
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» Automating Time and Attendance
» Mobile Management
» ADP Recognition
» Equal Employment Opportunity Laws
» Understanding E-Verify
» Increase Employee Engagement
» Starting Social Media
» Globally Mobile Workforce
» Cost-effective Hiring Process
» Midsized Business Challenges
» Connect With Users of ADP Solutions
» Reduce Your Compliance Workload

This newsletter contains information on ADP® solution enhancements and professional education opportunities. It helps you stay current on Health Care Reform, HR strategies, legislative changes, and ADP initiatives.

Aberdeen Group reports validate ROI of automating time and attendance, scheduling
Wondering if the time is right to automate scheduling or time and attendance? Two reports by the Aberdeen Group help quantify the gains.
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ADP app now lets managers approve timecards, paid-time-off requests from mobile devices
Your employees are mobile. Your managers are mobile. Now time and attendance management can move right along with them.
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ADP recognized for excellence by Forbes, DiversityInc, Computerworld
ADP has again been named one of The World's Most Innovative Companies, one of The Top 50 Companies for Diversity, and one of the 100 Best Places to Work in Information Technology.
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Stay smart about Equal Employment Opportunity laws
The hurt from failing to comply with Equal Employment Opportunity laws goes beyond dollar costs. Ten best practices can help you avoid problems.
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Understanding E-Verify
Ninety percent of employers using E-Verify are very likely to continue participating and 86 percent are likely to recommend it to others. What do they like about it?
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Four ways managers can increase employee engagement
An engaged workforce is good for business, with fewer safety incidents, lower absenteeism, and higher productivity. Four ways managers can increase it.
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Six steps for starting your company in social media
Businesses are using Twitter® and Facebook® to generate sales leads and new business. Here are six steps for getting started.
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New report sheds light on key challenges of deploying a globally mobile workforce
Managing a globally mobile workforce isn't easy, but the payoffs can be significant for companies that accept the challenges.
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Ten smart tips for developing a standardized and cost-effective hiring process
It takes a lot of time and resources to recruit, pre-screen, and interview job candidates. Here are 10 smart tips for getting the best return on that effort.
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Invitation-only webinar series offers advanced guidance on business challenges for midsized ADP clients
How do ADP reports reveal trends that can help you prepare for workforce changes? How does ADP support benefits for domestic partners? A resource for clients with 50 to 1,000 employees.
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To exchange tips and best practices with fellow users of ADP solutions, get on "The Bridge"
Want to know how professionals like yourself are getting more from their ADP solutions? What time-saving resources they've come up with? What overlooked features they've found to be incredibly helpful?
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SMARTSyncSM integrates ADP payroll/ADP Retirement Services data, helping reduce your compliance workload
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