ADP WINTER, 2014 | Vol. 23 No. 3                 
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» Automating Time and Attendance
Mobile Management
» ADP Recognition
» Equal Employment Opportunity Laws
» Understanding E-Verify
» Increase Employee Engagement
» Starting Social Media
» Globally Mobile Workforce
» Cost-effective Hiring Process
» Midsized Business Challenges
» Connect With Users of ADP Solutions
» Reduce Your Compliance Workload

ADP® app now lets managers approve timecards, paid time off requests from mobile devices

Your managers are mobile. Now time and attendance management can move right along with them. A recent update to the ADP® Mobile Solutions app for clients with ezLaborManager® or Enterprise eTIME® lets managers approve timecards and paid time off requests on their Apple®, Android®, or BlackBerry® devices.

"It's pretty simple," says Steve Roth, Mobile Product Manager at ADP. "Managers just tap a new icon called 'My Team.' They can view individual team members and select tasks such as approving timecards or time off requests. They review the timecard, fix exceptions, approve, and then tap to see the next one."

The enhanced app is available now for download for iOS at the App Store and for Android at Google PlayTM. Simply search "ADP Mobile Solutions."

From payroll and timesheets to retirement balances and company contacts, ADP Mobile Solutions empower employees to connect with your organization. Get more information at

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