ADP WINTER, 2014 | Vol. 23 No. 3                 
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» Automating Time and Attendance
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» Equal Employment Opportunity Laws
» Understanding E-Verify
Increase Employee Engagement
» Starting Social Media
» Globally Mobile Workforce
» Cost-effective Hiring Process
» Midsized Business Challenges
» Connect With Users of ADP Solutions
» Reduce Your Compliance Workload

Four ways managers can increase employee engagement

An engaged workforce is good for business, with fewer safety incidents, lower absenteeism, and higher productivity. In a survey of nearly 50,000 businesses by Gallup, Inc. last year, companies scoring in the top half in employee engagement had nearly double the odds of success compared with those in the bottom half.

While many factors influence employee engagement, the relationship between employees and their managers matters most. According to a recent workforce-engagement report released by Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc., the connection between a worker and his or her immediate supervisor is the top driver. But the study found that only 29 percent of 1,500 employees surveyed were fully engaged. What can a manager do?

1. Set clear and attainable goals
2. Provide fair and equal rewards and recognition
3. Give meaningful and regular feedback
4. Create a culture of employee involvement

Click here for more Gallup Inc. findings on the effect of engagement on work performance.

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