ADP WINTER, 2014 | Vol. 23 No. 3                 
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» Automating Time and Attendance
» Mobile Management
» ADP Recognition
» Equal Employment Opportunity Laws
» Understanding E-Verify
» Increase Employee Engagement
» Starting Social Media
» Globally Mobile Workforce
» Cost-effective Hiring Process
» Midsized Business Challenges
Connect with Users of ADP Solutions
» Reduce Your Compliance Workload

To exchange tips and best practices with fellow users of ADP® solutions, get on "The Bridge"

Psst! Want to know how professionals like yourself are getting more from their ADP® solutions? What time-saving resources they've come up with? What overlooked features they've found to be incredibly helpful?

It's no secret. In fact, it's all there for the sharing on The Bridge.

The Bridge is the new social networking community for ADP clients. It offers a secure space for them to interact, collaborate, and communicate:

  • Join community spaces or topics of interest including tax, payroll, HR and benefits, and time and labor management.
  • Connect with other payroll practitioners, HR professionals, featured industry representatives, and ADP subject matter experts.
  • Share your experiences and thoughts with others. Check the Frequently Asked Questions or Ask The Community.

Nearly 5,000 ADP clients have used The Bridge since it was first launched in January of 2013. "It's a great place to come and ask questions," says Laura Huber, a Payroll Administrator in Stockton, CA. "The Bridge has become my new 'go to' place for answers."

Debra Lemek, a Senior Payroll Coordinator in Hartford, CT, adds, "It's like being at a user group meeting every day!"

No need to register! Simply go to and log in using your ADP credentials (NetSecure ID).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: ADP publishes the ADP Advisor free of charge to its clients. It is accepted with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in the business of rendering legal or accounting services. If legal, tax, accounting, or other professional assistance is required, the services of an attorney or a certified public accountant should be sought.