ADP WINTER, 2014 | Vol. 23 No. 3                 
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Automating Time and Attendance
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Aberdeen Group reports validate ROI of automating time and attendance, scheduling

Wondering if the time is right to automate scheduling or time and attendance? Two reports by the Aberdeen Group help quantify the gains from making the switch. The Aberdeen Group found that:

  • Nearly half of surveyed organizations still use a manual or spreadsheet-based process for scheduling.1 Yet, organizations with automated scheduling saw five percent greater workforce capacity utilization – the percentage of actual work done versus theoretical capability within the schedule. They also reported 24 percent higher engagement levels due to scheduling transparency.
  • Similarly, 32 percent of surveyed organizations still process time and attendance manually.2 But those that automate have cut paid-time-off calculation errors by more than 50 percent. "Accurately tracking time off can result in significant cost savings," the report's authors note.

Click here for an infographic summary of the reports' findings.

Download the full Aberdeen Group report on Scheduling.

Download the full Aberdeen Group report on The State of Time and Attendance.

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