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Survey of multinationals reveals potential of talent management to provide a competitive edge

In an effort to better understand the challenges multinationals face in 2014, the ADP Research Institute® conducted its second annual Global Human Capital Management Decision Makers Survey. This survey targeted senior leadership of multinational organizations with more than 5,000 global employees.

Concerns about talent emerged as a resounding theme throughout the survey responses, ranking highly among respondents’ goals – as well as among the challenges to achieving those goals.

With so many companies struggling to staff global growth, virtually every phase of the employee life cycle provides an opportunity to gain a competitive edge. Recruiting and acquisition help build and sustain a rich talent pool. Performance management data can identify key talent, as well as knowledge and skill gaps. Training and development can strengthen individual contributors and the leadership bench. Compensation and benefits can reinforce recruiting and retention strategies.

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Among the report’s action recommendations:

  • Evaluate your talent strategies to make sure they align and support your organizational objectives.
  • Integrate human capital management data across functions. Silos between payroll, HR, talent, time & attendance, and benefits increase costs and risk and decrease productivity and oversight controls.
  • Harness analytics; data-driven decision making is the future of HR.

ADP® Talent Management combines automation, screening, and compliance management to help you quickly and cost-effectively source, recruit, and onboard the best people for your business.