ADP SUMMER, 2014 | Vol. 24 No. 1                 
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» Compliance Functions
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» High Cost of
Post-Recession Turnover
» Capitalize on Redefined Employee Relations
» Increase Retirement Savings Plan Participation
» Avoid 10 Common Interviewer Mistakes
Strategies to Comply With ACA Employer Mandates
» ADP® Enhancements to
Midsized Company Platform
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Free ADP® webinar offers actionable steps and strategies for complying with ACA employer mandates

As the date approaches for ACA mandates to take effect, join ADP® for a free webinar on compliance strategies. Get actionable steps and best practices for addressing ACA-related regulatory requirements, including:

  • Additional employer mandate transition relief for 2015. Employers with 100 or more full-time and full-time equivalent employees are subject to ACA employer mandate requirements beginning in 2015. But the final regulations provide important transition relief that makes it easier to comply. Hear about these important new transition rules and what they mean for your organization.
  • Methods for determining full-time employees. The final employer mandate regulations include look-back measurement rules that you may use to determine full-time employee status. An alternative approach is the “monthly measurement method.” Learn about your options for tracking hours of service and key factors to consider when deciding whether or not to use a look-back period.
  • As in other ADP® webinars, our expert presenters take a fresh look at strategies for penalty avoidance and risk mitigation.

This webinar is intended for executive management, finance managers, CFOs, benefits/HR leadership and business owners, as well as all HR professionals.

Click here to view an on-demand streaming version of the webinar.

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