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Compliance functions many CFOs complain about may help add to the bottom line

Many finance chiefs have traditionally considered compliance a costly burden, sapping valuable resources from revenue-generating activity. But according to a recent survey conducted by CFO Research in collaboration with ADP©, many senior executives in both finance and human resources see it differently. They view effective employment-related tax and payment compliance programs as helping to contribute to the bottom line.

At least half of the survey respondents reported that their company's management of employment-related tax and payment compliance activities has had a positive impact on productivity, operational efficiency, and profitability.

        The adjacent was condensed from an
        article by Josh Hyatt, associate director
        of research at

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Source: “Compliance Pays – No, Really.”, April 21, 2014.

One factor that makes compliance especially burdensome, beyond its ever-shifting nature, may be how companies approach it. Companies that manage employment-related tax and payment compliance on an ad-hoc basis frequently find themselves scrambling to keep up with new rules and regulations. Tackling it in a consistent and integrated manner, on the other hand, helps create a working environment that is less isolating, more transparent, and more conducive to open dialogue.

A majority of respondents cited the positive impact of well-managed employment-related tax and payment compliance on intangible performance measures, including employee satisfaction (cited by 70% of respondents), employee engagement (63%), and corporate brand and reputation (55%).

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