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ADP® unveils dramatic enhancements to its all-in-one platform for midsized companies

This past April 22nd, ADP® announced dramatic enhancements to ADP Workforce Now®, its all-in-one solution for midsized employers. ADP Workforce Now® provides a unified approach to managing the entire employment cycle. This suite of integrated services covers everything from talent management to HR and benefits administration, time and attendance, and payroll.

The recent enhancements further simplify talent management and regulatory compliance, while helping to drive smarter decision making:

Click here for a webinar overview of the innovations and presentations by ADP® clients on how they use ADP Workforce Now® to provide world-class service to their employees.

  • ADP Workforce Now® Compensation links employee performance ratings to award guidelines and budget thresholds that you define. This simplifies administration of pay increases and bonuses.
  • A new Application Programming Interface (API) Library will delight you and your IT department. It makes it easier for ADP Workforce Now® to share data fields with other business applications. This reduces the need to re-enter employee information into multiple systems.
  • An expanded Global Human Resources System of Record now supports requirements in 33 countries with multilingual and multicurrency capabilities.
  • Enhanced ADP AnalyticsSM supports data-driven decision making by helping you benchmark your HR, time, payroll, and talent management processes. It includes built-in industry-standard metrics that you can customize with your own Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

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ADP® innovations extend “access from anywhere” to mobile users with our best-in-class mobile app.

“Business mobility is the ‘new normal’ for companies of all sizes,” says Roberto Masiero, Senior Vice President, ADP® Innovation Lab. “Built on the latest ADP® technology innovations, ADP Workforce Now® enables midsized companies to give their employees anywhere, anytime access to some of their HR data from a smartphone or tablet. Today’s enhancements are just another example of how ADP® embeds innovation throughout our product offerings.”

Watch as Mike Capone, Corporate Vice President of Product Development and Chief Information Officer at ADP®, explains how ADP® sets itself apart with investments in technology, innovation, and security. (2:30 min.).

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