ADP iReports & iArchive

We know you access and use your company’s payroll reports through our CD-ROM service. Now, we’ve made it even easier for you to access these reports with the iReports and iArchive features in ADP Workforce Now®.

iReports and iArchive are directly accessible from ADP Workforce Now and offer you the same level of service and functionality as the CD-ROM service. These features are intended to replace your CD-ROM service.

iReports and iArchive make your job as a practitioner easier and faster by reducing the need for physical storage and organization (i.e. CD-ROMs). iArchive consolidates seven years’ worth of your data into a securely encrypted, always available central database.

iReports and iArchive – Your Passport to Data

iReports and iArchive are digital solutions that you or other ADP Workforce Now practitioners can use to view and/or print reports directly from your favorite web browser. No more rummaging through drawers to find CDs, no more hard-to-remember encryption keys – access iReports and iArchive directly through ADP Workforce Now!

With iReports you can view:

  • Payroll reports for up to 54 weeks prior
  • Quarterly reports for up to 65 weeks (five quarters) prior

With iArchive you can access:

  • Payroll and quarterly tax reports for up to seven years prior

Ready to make your job easier and faster?

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